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Fan Expo Canada
Aug 31- Sep 3, 2017

After a year break, we're coming back for you Canada! Get your copy of Joking Hazard signed, drawn on, and lovingly caressed by Rob himself!

Trust us, it's a pretty impressive caress.

Tickets and con info here....

New York Comic Con
Oct 5-8, 2017

Rob returns to New York Comic Con, this time clad in only a loin cloth and coconut oil!

Prepare yourself for Rob's rubs. They're so good, they're patented! (tm) (r) (c)

Tickets and con info here....

Fan Expo Vancouver
Nov 10-12, 2017

We're coming, we're coming! Almost there!


That's what it'll be like. 110%.

Tickets and con info here....

PAX Unplugged
Nov 17-19, 2017

According to our scanners, apparently people live in Philadelphia. We gotta see this for ourselves, so we'll be leaving our vault to brave the wasteland to meet you there!

Tickets and con info here....

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