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That's right, we're actually alive, human-being-like creatures!If you ever wanted to meet the hive-minds behind C&H, come meet us at Megacon Booth 70-71C to meet Dave and Phoenix Comic Con booth 635 to meet Rob!Megacon info here:Phoenix Comic Con...

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Want to work for C&H? We're hiring!Check out the full job posting and info here. JOIN US....

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Looking like a human is overrated, why not flatten yourself, turn those limbs into sticks, and start looking sexy!Become a C&H character and people *might* start liking you!Or at least tolerating yoU!Grab it now on iOs and Android! It's Free...

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Somehow, someone got a hold of our facebook page and is posting videos with links to spam websites. We're aware of it (thanks fans!) and we're working directly with Facebook to get this sorted.Until then, don't click shit on our Facebook page because...

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Ever wanted to make yourself into a C&H character? Or waste your friend's data plan by sending C&H emojis until your friends divorce you?IT HAS BEGUN!Or wait, it will begin, soon, since it's not out yet.BUT BEGIN IT WILL SOON.The C&H...

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Upcoming Appearances

  • Banana Bar Crawl 9!
    May 4
    TBD (Dallas area)

  • Phoenix Fan Fusion
    May 23-26
    Phoenix, AZ

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