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Greetings brothers and sisters, have you heard the good news? There's 250 new panels in the random comic generator, a Lock Panel features, and a brand new toplist!Did I mention there's also a free iPhone app?Grab the iPhone app here!Hallelujah! ...

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Got burning questions to ask Rob, Dave, and Kris? Ask away in our Reddit AMA happening RIGHT NOW!...

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We know it's a super lame holiday but it's happening so suck it up.  Give a red happy or sleazy plushy and a "romantic" card to that special someone, then just wait for the magic to happen.  Or snuggle up to a happy or sleazy all by your lo...

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It's finally here!   We're SO, SO proud of these ten episodes, we think it blows everything we did in season one COMPLETELY out of the water! We've brought back some of your favorites like The Star Spangled Bastard from Season One, as well as ...

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It's the age old paradox - is it alive or dead??  YOU WON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU OPEN THE BOX!!!  And that's exactly what you're going to have to do.  You place your order.  We'll send you either a Green Happy Plushy or a Dead Plushy. Y...

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  • Calgary Fan Expo
    Apr 27-30

    Calgary, Canada

  • MegaCon
    May 25-28

    Orlando, FL

  • Phoenix Comicon
    May 25-28

    Phoenix, AZ

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