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Why go to a con?

by James on 05.23.2014

London MCM Comic Con is this weekend, so why should you go there to see us? Well, here's a video courtesy of fan DHDover that will give you some idea of what you might be able to experience:

Even more Calgary!

by James on 05.05.2014

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by James on 05.04.2014

As previously mentioned, last weekend the guys were in Calgary meeting fans, drawing dicks and dressing up like bananas. Didn't get to go? Here's just a sampling of what you missed:

Our first piece, entitled "The Last Temptation of the Horned", an exploration of faith and the arts. And butts.

Our second piece, called "Excelsior!" is an outcry in favor of modes of transit that are less damaging to the environment. And blood.

Finally, "Into the Woods", an extension of the struggle of man against nature. And urine.

The next time these guys are going to see the light of day is at Dallas Fan Expo, May 16-18, and make sure to check our appearances page to keep up to date on where they'll be next!

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