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We’re SO CLOSE to our goal of two shorts a month, but we’re not quite there yet. With that in mind, the short we’re releasing tomorrow will sadly be the last regular weekly short until we reach our first goal. We will still be releasing SOMETHING (n...

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Ad rates are down, YouTube is changing, and we have to change with it in order to stay afloat. That's why we're turning to the one thing we know we can count on to support our animated shorts: YOU! If you've enjoyed our weekly animated shorts over th...

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It's New Episode Wednesday, my dudes!In this week's episode, Kris, Dave and Joel are aghast as Rob dares to bear his bare knees, and Real Talk is required to get to the bottom of the middle of his man-legs. Oxygen is scarce due to a suspicious f...

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Our first podcast LIVES! The creators and writers of C&H have to pitch, write, & perform a new script in ONE HOUR or face dire consequences. Like murder! Or worse, death!Eps 1 & 2 are live on iTunes: http://bit.ly/cnhpodcast-itunes&n...

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For all you C&H superfans out there...The Banana Bar Crawl is coming, and for the first time we're giving everyone who attends a Limited Edition Banana Bar Crawl Coin to commemorate our legendary yearly banana shenanigans.&nbs...

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