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It's about that time, oh lovely people, that we must HARVEST YOUR BODIES TO MAKE ART! Do you do a good art, a fine art, or maybe even a superb art and you want to work for the most-important animated stick-figure series in the world?You're ...

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WE NEED A ROYAL BANANA TO PARTY WITH US!One lucky fan will be chosen as the ROYAL BANANA, and get flown out to the 2018 Banana Bar Crawl in Dallas, TX,  join a private party at C&H Headquarters to meet the creators of C&H, receive a...

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The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game is now officially called Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse! Terror! Doom! Freaks! We'll have at least one of those three things in the game, IF NOT ALL THREE WHO KNOWS?!?If you missed the Kickstarter O...

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We've teamed up with comics-juggernaut Hiveworks to help us spiff up the site and generally do-things-more-gooder. Yay Hive!Don't worry, comics aren't going anywhere or changing. They're still coming out daily like always on Explosm. We've just got m...

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Miss the Kickstarter, prefer to use PayPal, or facing a profound earth-shaking sadness that knows no end?Fill the hole in your soul with The C&H Adventure Game!It's not too late to reserve your copy! Until Valentine's Day, you can pre-order all t...

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