Booth #1234

by Kris on 07.25.2014

Feel like waiting in line for a while? Come on by Booth #1234 and see the Cyanide and Happiness Booth. Dave and Rob will be doing sketches along with Joel! The booth has shirts, posters, books and more for sale. If nothing else, come by to say hi and watch us sketch at booth #1234

Guess who's coming back?

by Derek on 07.22.2014

We've got a pretty big surprise of a short coming this Thursday (Wednesday if you have Season Pass!).

I think it's about time we bring one of our favorites back, don't you?

4th of July Sale!!!!

by andy on 07.01.2014

To commemorate not having to go into work on Friday this week, the Explosm store staff is holding a sale for 15% off of all purchases in the store! Simply go to the store and type FREEDOM for your discount code! Be sure to check out our newer merch as well, like the Every Character Mousepad and The Cyanide Diptych!

New Merch for you! New Merch for you!

by andy on 06.26.2014

Hey, we have a NEW POSTER in the store for every Andy Warhol fan. Honestly it is a great poster for any Andy fan's in general! Especially people who want to get a gift for any Andy that was attacked by Bumblebears lately.

Just head over to the store, and while you are there check out our new Iphone-5 cases!

Don't Open Boxes With B's On Them

by andy on 06.13.2014

We just received a large amount of new items at the Explosm Warehouse. Boxes of new Mousepads and I-Phone 5 cases were unloaded all this week. Check out the Every Character Mousepad and I-Phone case! Unfortunately something we didn't plan for arrived as well:

Help us clear out the warehouse of our Bumblebear infestation before we are all stung!