See the C&H show on the big screen!

by derek on 10.31.2014

Want to see Episode 1 of The C&H Show on the big screen?
Want to meet Rob, Dave, AND Kris all at once?
Want to ask them where babies come from?

Then check us out at the two live-screenings we're doing for the launch of the show! We guarantee at least one (1) laugh and two (3) chuckles, which is pretty damn good!

Tickets and info below:

Dallas TX Screening

Fort Collins CO Screening


by Derek on 10.17.2014

We're finally ready to start the show! Check out episode 1 coming out November 13th WOOOOOO!

You'll be able to see each episode coming out weekly here on our site, as well as on YouTube. If you've got a season pass, you get to see Episode 1 on the 12th!

More exclamation points!

Here's what Kris has to say:


by andy on 09.12.2014

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. The candy, the horror movies, the skimpy costumes; no holiday is better! To celebrate this grand time the store is trying something new. For any order of over 30 dollars, we are going to add a limited edition poster that reminds us of all the great things during Halloween. Make sure to get your order in between the 12th of September and the 6th of October!

Also, for all those in Bangalore, be sure to visit Rob at Bangalore Comic Con this weekend!

Matt Melvin

by Kris on 09.02.2014

As you may have noticed, Matt Melvin hasn't posted comics on the site lately and, following on from his recent announcement, we wanted to fill you guys in on what's going on.

Matt is no longer a part of the Cyanide & Happiness team. Matt has been with us since Explosm's inception and has been with us over many highs and lows, but ultimately this is the path we've arrived at.

It wasn't until the stress of show production hit that we started to realize that creatively we had some very different ideas on where we wanted to go with C&H, our website, our business in general, all these things. After lots and lots of discussion, we decided collectively, that it was time to part ways with Matt. While Matt is no longer a part of us, Cyanide & Happiness will always be something he had a part in creating. He is one of the original writers, and always will be. We at the Cyanide & Happiness team fully support Matt on his new projects, we'll continue to update and support his endeavors, and we wish him all the best. We're eternally grateful for Matt's work, as we're sure many of you are. He'll forever be valued as the crucial part of Cyanide & Happiness that he is. Thank you, Matt.

Speaking of Matt, here's what he's up to!

What you can look forward to is his brand new project, The Last Nerds on Earth! He describes it as a Superbad meets Scott Pilgrim meets The Walking Dead. It's already looking like a great project so check out his Patreon to support him here!

Matt also does regular gaming streams on Twitch! You can also check out his Twitch TV streams at 2pm PST on his Twitch channel

As for Cyanide & Happiness? We're going to keep doing what we've always done- daily comics, weekly shorts and much more. Because that's what we do. We're still grinding away on the show and we'll announce as soon we have a release date. Expect new things coming out of C&H in the very near future.

From Lucy to Ardi

by andy on 08.04.2014

The Explosm store is happy to reintroduce the most intelligently designed shirt in our catalog! Move on over Lucy and best of luck Ardi, because the Evolution shirt shows how humanity developed!

Also, several of the Explosm crew will be going to the upcoming Fan Expo Canada in Toronto and Salt Lake Comic Con! Be sure to say hi to us in late August and early September!