Can’t make it to India Comic Con…

by derek on 02.04.2014

We’re bummed to announce that we won’t be able to make it to India comic con.

There were some last-minute visa issues we had that, even with the help from the AMAZING team at India Comic Con, we weren’t able to fix in time.

We’re sorry to disappoint everyone looking to go.

Look who's coming back for Xmas!

by Matt on 12.22.2013

It's Sad Larry!

We're bringing this week's short a little early, too! This Tuesday, Xmas Eve. Or if you're a season pass holder, you get it a day early as usual!

Happy Holiday are Here!

by andy on 11.15.2013

Since the weather in Texas (the Explosm store's locale) is a cool 85 degree's Fahrenheit, it must mean that the winter season is upon us. Let the Holidays commence!

From now until December the 20th simply type in HOLIDAY HUMBUG at our store and you will get 15% off of your order!

Also there are confirmed reports that THE Santa Plushy is out and about visiting all the good... well just about everyone it can.

We also offer a variety of cards for expressing your holiday cheer.

While looking for holiday gift idea's, also check out Shawn's Artrocities and the HijiNKS ENSUE store pages as well!

HijiNKS ENSUE - Engage!

by andy on 10.18.2013

With the all the work that is going on to get ready for the C and H show, the guys are collaborating with a several talented people to flesh out the show. We were lucky enough to snag the talent of HiliNKS ENSUE's own Joel Watson! Joel's help with scripts, voice acting, and general friendship has really helped make the show the best it can be. We are also happy to announce that Joel will be selling his merchandise through our store!

Joel has created some of the funniest shirts, posters, prints, and books we have seen! So be sure to check out both Joel's site, HijiNKS ENSUE and his section of the store!

This is Halloween, This is Halloween! This is Copyright Infringement!

by andy on 10.04.2013

To get ready for Halloween, our Dead Plushies are making sure they deliver some holiday fun. Every Dead Plushy is making sure to take a set of our zombie themed posters with every Halloween Combo order!

For the next few weeks, the Explosm Store is doing it's part to make things creepier, spookier and in general more frightening!

Here's to a Merry Halloween!